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Environmental Stewardship information package

The current Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) ends in December 2013 end, and in preparation Natural England has developed a comprehensive information package on Environmental Stewardship (ES).

The package provides comprehensive details of how ES will be implemented through the next two financial years. It has been produced to equip farmers, land managers, agents and partners with a clear understanding of the key issues and deadlines for the remainder of the current Rural Development programme.

Teh package also includes: information on HLS targeting and delivery and 3-Tier HLS, including small changes to the criteria for fast track applications; the principles being applied for expiring Environmentally Sensitive Area and Countryside Stewardship agreements; news of the support available to ELS applicants and existing agreement holders; and the latest information on the changes being made to the scheme in 2013 along with details of the transition to the next Rural Development programme.