Chair: Quinton Carroll, Cambridgeshire County Council
Vice-Chair: Fiona MacDonald, Berkshire Archaeology
Executive Committee: Anna Stocks, Warwickshire County Council; Lis Dyson, Kent County Council; Ursilla Spence, Nottinghamshire County Council; Adrian Gascoyne, Essex County Council; Chris Jones, Northumbria National Park Authority; Toby Catchpole, Gloucestershire County Council; Ian George, Lincolnshire County Council

ALGAO:England is the national ALGAO body for England, and these pages provide information on particular issues for the Association relating to England.


ALGAO:England is made up of nine regions: East of England; East Midlands; London; North East; North West; South East; South West; West Midlands; Yorkshire and Humber.

Historic Environment: Local Authority Capacity (HELAC)

HELAC is a joint initiative developed by the Local Government Group, the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers, the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, the Planning Officers Society and Historic England. The partners worked with local councils in exploring ways to deliver local historic environment services during a time of shrinking public sector budget.

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Alliance to Reduce Crime against Heritage (ARCH)

ARCH is a voluntary national network which takes forward initiatives to tackle heritage crime and galvanise local action as part of the Heritage Crime Programme. The primary objective of the group is to reduce the amount of crime that impacts on heritage assets in England. 

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Advice note on Proceeds of Crime Act
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Case Study: Solar Farms and appropriate archaeological investigation

 A recent appeal on refusal for planning permission for a solar park at Pelham, Manuden was resolved with the following decision: