Subject Committee: Historic Environment Records

The HER Committee informs, advises and acts for the Executive Committee and membership of ALGAO:UK on the development and maintenance of Historic Environment Records (HERs), standards and the role of HERs in informing activities such as planning, land management, academic research and public outreach.

The majority of HERs (sometimes known as Sites and Monuments Records (SMRs) and Urban Archaeological Databases (UADs)) are maintained by local authorities and trusts. A HER typically covers a defined geographic area such as a county, national park or unitary authority. For an overview on HERs in the home nations see:

Our role

On behalf of the Executive Committee and membership of ALGAO:UK, the HER Committee will promote best practice in HERs, including associated legislation, guidance and practices affecting the provision of services and standards, and commissioning research on such matters when required. The HER Committee liaises with the relevant national statutory agencies, host organisations, developers, users, user groups and other ALGAO committees on matters relating to HERs and other matters of common interest.

For more information on the committee's purpose and aims, see:

Standards and guidance

For further information on standards and guidance for HERs see:

Historic Environment Record Services and Research Projects in England
This advice note is for anyone planning to undertake academic research projects using data from HERs. It outlines the current situation regarding HERs in England and identifies approaches that will facilitate the collection and use of HER data for research purposes.


Minutes and agendas

The minutes of the last HER Committee meeting held on 23rd February 2021, can be found here:
21_02_23 ALGAO-UK HER Committee Meeting - Minutes 1 Minutes
21_02_23 ALGAO-UK HER Committee Meeting - Minutes 1 Group Updates

An archive of the minutes of the HER Committee’s meetings can be found here:
ALGAO-UK HER Committee Minutes