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Historic England Piling Guidance Open for Consultation

Your chance to have a say on advice and guidance documents we've published in draft. Your feedback will help us make our advice and guidance useful.

Piling and Archaeology: Guidance and Good Practice

This guidance provides good practice advice for all parties dealing with archaeological sites where foundation solutions for new buildings might involve piling. It contains: a basic overview of the main piling methods; a review of the harm that they can cause to the significance of archaeological sites; and sets out steps by which this harm can be avoided or minimised. It is an update of the previous version.

The main changes are a greater emphasis on the planning process and current planning guidance (NPPF), and the inclusion of a risk assessment methodology.

There are no images in this consultation version as they will mostly stay the same as in the current document.

This document has been revised through a collaborative writing exercise (book sprint). Contributors included Historic England staff, commercial archaeological contractors, local authority archaeological curators and geotechnical engineers from piling contractors and engineering consultancies.

This guidance once completed would replace the previous edition of Piling and Archaeology (Historic England 2015). It is one of a number of guidance documents relating to the preservation of archaeological remains.

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