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The following are publications produced by ALGAO or the Association of County Archaeological Officers (ACAO), one of ALGAO's predecessor organisations.

ALGAO:Scotland Newsletters

Produced annually since 2008, these provide highlights of the activities of ALGAO:Scotland members through the year. PDF downloads are available for the following years:

Historic Environment Record Services and Research Projects in England

The HER services and research projects in England (PDF file) advice note is for anyone planning to undertake academic research projects using data from Historic Environment Records (HERs). It outlines the current situation regarding HERs in England and identifies approaches that will facilitate the collection and use of HER data for research purposes.

Informing the Future of the Past: Guidelines for Historic Environment Records (Second Edition) edited by Paul Gilman and Martin Newman, 2007

HER/SMR Manual: Informing the Future of the Past, A manual for SMRs was published in 2000 by ALGAO, English Heritage and the Archaeology Data Service to provide a set of working guidelines appropriate to all SMRs, and for all staff, volunteers and students involved in managing, running or supporting an SMR. The revised edition (2007) has been produced by a collaboration between English Heritage, Historic Scotland, the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS), the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales (RCAHMW), the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers UK (ALGAO UK) and the Archaeology Data Service (ADS). It constitutes a major revision and expansion to take into account developments in record systems, both technical and working practices, and to widen the scope to fully encompass Scotland and Wales.

The manual offers an overview of the standards, services and systems that are already in place in HERs and shares ideas about best working practices in the HERs of today with case studies illustrating recording practices and model procedure, aimed at provide a platform for training and continuous professional development for HER staff.

The Second Edition is available as a web based document PDF versions of each section can be printed out or downloaded from the website.

Analysis and recording for the conservation and control of works to historic buildings

Understanding a historic building is the first step towards decisions about management, repair and alteration. By identifying architectural, historic and archaeological interest, the analysis of fabric and structure contributes to successful conservation, which carefully balances the significance of the building, the owner's requirements and appropriate techniques. This document focuses upon requirements for the 'control of works', when local government becomes formally involved with proposals for development. At this stage conservation officers have to consider whether an application contains sufficient information to be determined, and guidance is needed in what local authorities ought to expect and how it can be obtained.

In the light of changes to the planning system, ALGAO will be reviewing this guidance document.

Model Briefs and Specifications for Archaeological Assessments and Field Evaluations (ACAO 1993)

Information on the potential archaeological impact for planning permission to develop land must be available prior to determination so that it may be taken fully into account as a material consideration. This accords with PPG 16 on Archaeology and Planning and with policies in the Structure and Local Plans prepared by local planning authorities. The Assessments and Field Evaluations which may be required to provide that information must be designed and specified within the context of Briefs issued by the archaeological adviser to the local planning authority. This advisory note offers a generalised framework for: a Brief as the basis for a subsequent specification, or for a Brief incorporating a Specification.

Local Authority Archaeological Services: Report on Staffing and Casework Surveys

This summary is of key results from research undertaken by the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers (ALGAO) and Historic England/English Heritage into local government archaeological services.

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