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Consultation on the establishment of Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Districts and their Authorities (Defra 2010)

Submission from ALGAO Maritime Committee

Dear Sir/Madam

I am responding on behalf of ALGAO:UK (Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers) which represents the most senior archaeological advisors within local authorities. The association is UK wide and operates through national and subject committees and the Maritime Committee, of which I’m chair, represents the association’s interests in marine matters.

We welcome the establishment of the IFCAs and have no comment on their specific boundaries or the levies. We would agree with the principals of boundary designation as set out in your Questions 1 and 2 and that the formula would appear to be fair but should be kept under review (Q3). The same comment would apply to Q4. We have no comment on the areas proposed, having supported the idea of the ten authorities in the previous consultation.

We would wish to draw particular attention to the need for the MMO to ensure that each IFCA has formal access to heritage advice. There are a number of nationally designated wreck sites around the English shoreline and English Heritage has the responsibility to advise on these, however there are many more heritage sites around the coast which have no national designation but which are recorded on Historic Environment Records. These records are held by local authorities and provide a comprehensive record of the local historic environment. It is essential that each IFCA has access to the information and expertise that underpins these records.

This might best be achieved by inviting the senior Local Authority Archaeologist of one of the component authorities of each IFCA to sit on the IFCA as an observer with the responsibility to liaise with their colleagues in the other authorities. Such a measure would ensure that the IFCA has access to the detailed local knowledge of the historic environment that is held within each HER.

We would be happy to have further discussions about the detail of such an arrangement.

Yours sincerely,

Robin Daniels Chair
ALGAO:UK Maritime Committee

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