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The Draft Scottish Marine Regions Order 2013


Organisation Name: ALGAO: Scotland


1. Do you agree with the proposals set out in the draft Scottish Marine Regions Order 2013?

Yes x

Comments ALGAO Scotland welcomes the new legislation and the protection that it offers to the marine environment in general and the cultural heritage in particular.

Section 14. We note that you are working with Highland and Orkney regarding the Pentland Firth in order to feed into future plans and mention is made of Oban and Argyll. No mention is made of Shetland, where a fourth (and much improved) edition of the Shetland Marine Spatial Plan is in the process of being produced.

2. Do you have any further comments? In particular we are seeking views on, the drafting of the Order; the co-ordinates establishing the marine region boundaries; the boundaries outlined at paragraph 8 above; the names of the regions suggested; and the illustrative map.

We are content with the mapping and marine boundaries. The mapping is vital as our members currently work in relation to the National Grid and mapping rather than routinely referring to latitude and longitude.

We particularly welcome the more functional intention to deal with firths/estuaries as discrete areas.

We recognise, however, that the move away from Local Authority Boundaries will provide challenges for our members and that it is not yet clear how these will work or what the responsibility of Local Authorities will be or how they will sit in relation to the new proposed areas. Will for example, it be a case of projecting “median line” borders from the land-based Local Authorities. We only envisage this being problematic in restricted waters where spatial location data may be imprecise.

3. Do you believe that the creation of Scottish Marine Regions discriminates disproportionately between persons defined by age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, race and religion and belief?


4. If you answered yes to question 3 in what way do you believe that the creation of Scottish Marine Regions is discriminatory?



Submitted by Vale Turner, ALGAO:Scotland

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