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Consultation on Flood and Water Bill (Defra 2009)

Submission from ALGAO:UK Maritime Committee

To: FloodsandWaterBill [at], 22/07/09

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Association of Local Government Archaeology Officers (ALGAO:UK) represent the senior Archaeology Officers in local authorities throughout the UK. The Association acts through a number of national, regional and subject committees and the Maritime Committee provides a lead on marine related issues.

The Historic Environment is clearly affected by the processes of coastal change and by all aspects of flooding. This may range from Historic Structures which are damaged or put at threat to below ground archaeological remains which are lost due to coastal erosion or the necessary work to alleviate flooding. Responsibility for the Historic Environment lies with national agencies such as English Heritage and CADW and with local authorities who hold Historic Environment Records (HERs) detailing the extent of the Historic Environment in an authority’s area. Local Authorities also have access to advice on the Historic Environment through Conservation Officers and archaeological services.

Given the potential impact on the Historic Environment of both the natural processes relating to flooding and coastal erosion and the mitigation strategies developed. It is essential that the impact of these on the Historic Environment is assessed as part of the Flood Risk Assessments and subsequent Action Plans. It is also essential that funding should be made available through any schemes to ensure that any impact on the Historic Environment is properly mitigated, whether through works to buildings or by measures such as investigation of archaeological remains before they are lost. We would hope that these matters are taken into account and fully integrated into the processes and schemes which may result from the bill.

Yours sincerely

Robin Daniels
Chair, ALGAO:UK Maritime Committee

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