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Marine Policy Statement (UK): A draft for consultation (Defra 2010)

Submission from Maritime Committee

Amy Holmes
Marine Stewardship Team
Area 2C
Nobel House
17 Smith Square

11 October 2010

Dear Madam

UK Marine Policy Statement: A Draft for Consultation

ALGAO:UK is the association of the senior local authority archaeologists throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The association operates through national and regional organisations and in addition has committees that speak for specific themes on behalf of the association. The Maritime Committee is one such.

We welcome the Marine Policy Statement; the integrated and holistic approach espoused by it and the recognition of the need to protect our most important heritage assets. It is particularly encouraging to see a section addressing the cultural heritage, however this feels a little like a stand alone section and there is a need to integrate the acquisition of data on and protection of the marine cultural heritage more fully into the statement.

This approach informs the comments below:-

Chapter 1
1.2 Cross Border Planning: Reference should be made here to the need for the heritage agencies of the devolved nations to work together and share information.

Chapter 2
Box 1: There should be a reference to heritage assets under the ‘Living within environmental limits section. This might read:-

  • Heritage assets are protected and conserved.

2.3 High Level Approach to marine planning
p.26 There should be a clear statement of the need for regular (5 yearly?) review of Marine Plans in order that the impact of new data and changing circumstances can be accommodated.

p.29 Footnote 33 should make reference to ‘The Government’s Statement On The Historic Environment For England’

2.5 Economic and Social Considerations
p.30 The list of industries in the introductory paragraph should include reference to the tourism and cultural heritage industries, both of which play a significant role in the coastal zone.

2.9 Historic Environment
This section is welcome, however reference should be made to the records of the sites in their area held by local authority archaeology services and the need to consult these as well as the national agencies.

We hope that these comments are of use and look forward to seeing the final document.

Yours sincerely

Robin Daniels
Chair ALGAO:UK Maritime Archaeology Committee

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