Subject committees

The Association addresses a wide range of issues and concerns relating to the historic environment, strategically at UK level and in more detail at national level.

Strategically, at UK-wide level a network of subject committees considers and advises on a number of specific areas of interest: Historic Environment Records, Planning and Legislation, Countryside, Urban, and Maritime.

For some issues implementation of necessity varies at national level, and such implementation falls within the remit of the individual associations: ALGAO:England, ALGAO:Scotland, and ALGAO:Cymru. In England, Regional Committees provide a forum for liaison with regional organisations.

Each has a written term of reference, and comprises members of the Association although where appropriate other individuals with relevant expertise and generally based within local authorities, may be invited to join Committees.

Our work


The Countryside Committee has a facilitating role, working with key partners including Historic England, Natural England and the Rural Payments Agency, regarding matters concerning the historic environment and land management.

Historic Environment Records

The HER Committee informs, advises and acts on behalf of ALGAO:UK regarding the development, maintenance, standards and role of Historic Environment Records (HERs).


Through the Maritime Committee, liaison with coastal agencies and sectoral interests is developing best practice for the protection of the coastal and seabed heritage.

Planning and legislation

The Planning and Legislation Committee was established to consider the wide range of planning and legislation matters directly related to the interests of the Association, and pursue particular issues on behalf of its members.


The Urban Committee seeks to offer a case work forum for members and provide advice to members and others on urban environment issues.