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Subject Committee: Urban

Carfax Tower in Oxford in 2016, Oxford Archaeology

The Urban Committee seeks to offer a case work forum for members and provide advice to members and others on urban environment issues. The Committee recognises the specialist nature of urban archaeological practice and management and welcomes involvement and contributions from experienced urban archaeologists outside of the ALGAO membership.

The committee aims to meet three times a year in different cities offering participants an opportunity to undertake CPD, site visits and develop a wider understanding of urban archaeology, development management and the planning process in England, Scotland and Wales.

The committee seeks to promote unified and consistent approach to urban archaeological management and cultivate a sectoral skills base in urban related themes.

The committee also responds to relevant historic environment consultations.

Current themes:

  • Developing a consistent approach to Historic England’s Preserving Archaeological Remains Guidance.
  • Seizing the opportunities offered by Historic England’s Heritage Action Zones
  • Approaches to promoting and disseminating the results of urban excavations


  • European Association of Archaeologists
  • The Esslingen Code
    'European code of good practice: "ARCHAEOLOGY AND THE URBAN PROJECT". The code was approved by the Cultural Heritage Committee of the Council of Europe at its 15th plenary session on 8-10 March 2000. The code is intended to enhance the protection of the European urban archaeological heritage through facilitating co-operation between planners, archaeologists and developers. Available through Museum of London website.


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