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Subject Committee: Countryside

Stonegrave minster church SAM and associated earthworks, N. Yorks (permission: N. Yorkshire CC, G Falkingham)Stonegrave minster church SAM and associated earthworks, N. Yorks (permission: N. Yorkshire CC, G Falkingham)

The Countryside Committee has a facilitating role, servicing the needs of the members and committee of the ALGAO in all matters concerning archaeology and the countryside.

Sustainable development is an important objective in rural as well as urban settings. The Association promotes good practice in sustainable and integrated archaeological and countryside conservation management, e.g. through improved sites and landscape management techniques. To this end the Committee will encourage the adoption of good practice at all levels and will seek to promote integrated sites management works undertaken by members as exemplars of good practice. Such emphasis will be extended into the wider public arena to raise awareness and promote further the links between archaeology and the landscape.

It also aims to ensure early and effective input into the development of government policy and advice to ensure that management of archaeological sites and historic landscapes is considered as an intrinsic component of wider countryside management. The Association works with other countryside conservation agencies to achieve this objective.

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